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There are many lucrative adjectives to describe this young artist. Sarah Spencer, a Florida native, deserves every one of those adjectives and more. Since she was a young child it was quite apparent that this little girl had that "sparkle", that "something special"...or as Sarah's family, from the musically encompassed City of New Orleans, might say; "quatre Úpices" ... meaning "4 spices" in French. That's what Sarah's got: quatre Úpices!

The first spice is the ability to write with the brilliance of a natural gemstone. She puts into words what many of us only think. But her songwriting doesn't stop there. While the lyrics can tear your heart out one minute and have you bursting into a toothy grin the next, it's the second spice - THE MUSIC that takes the lyrics completely off the page. It doesn't matter what age you are while listening. You just...know.

The third spice would be the ability to work with people. Sarah is so humble. An attribute that is hard to find in this business. She loves what she does but she always remembers who she is. She keeps it real.

The final spice, the kick that separates Sarah from the pack, THE VOICE. A voice that makes you want to turn up the volume when you hear it. A voice that glides splendidly with the artistic ability of a professional cellist. A controlled voice with close to a 5 octave range, allowing her to sing a variety of musical genres. Sarah's sultry lower notes feed your soul just enough to prepare you for what is yet to come. Sarah tickles her higher notes with a pure, beautiful, coloratura sound that is a great ending to many songs. This is so true because what's in between those captivating low notes and her delicately pleasing upper register are the ideally strong and controlled powerhouse notes that only an elite few have the capability of reaching.

Sarah is one of those elite few. Oh, and she's not bad to look at either ... She's definitely "More Than Just a Pretty Voice."